My Mission

"My mission is to educate and inspire my clients by helping them understand investment and insurance resources, create a financial plan suited to thier lifestyle and aspirations, and encourage them to maintain and grow their portfolios."

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Finding Financial Security

My team and I help professionals get ahead, and stay ahead, in the financial game of life. Whether you are single and hitting your professional stride, a first-time home buyer starting your family, or married with children, now is the time to invest in you and your family’s thriving. In today’s world, it's important to protect what you build and who you love (even if it’s all for yourself!).

But, in order to do that, you have to sift through an endless sea of information to determine which financial moves are right for you. On top of that, we understand how rapid shifts in the financial climate, market, and tax considerations can make your head spin. It can seem daunting to even begin making big financial decisions.

The good news? As experienced, confident, and action-oriented financial planning professionals, my team and I will help you navigate those shifts. In fact, we encourage our clients to dream bigger, so we can help open doors you didn’t even know you had! We treat our clients like family because, like family, we want you to have everything you want out of life. We will encourage you and provide support when you need it. We’ll also, like family, hold you accountable to your goals because without accountability, goals are just dreams.

Here's How it Works

First: Let's have a conversationSchedule your free consultation by emailing us here or using our scheduling link below. Rachel from our office will follow up with you within 48 hours.

Next: We'll present our recommendations after we learn about you, your goals, and dreams for the future.

Finally: We'll guide you through determining which options work best for you. Once decided, we will quickly implement your unique combination of recommendations.

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Working with Cindy Gunawan's financial advising team ensures you will receive candid dialogue, attentive in-person engagement, and engagement for determining a comprehensive financial plan suited to your needs and goals.

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