Cindy Louisa Gunawan

Financial Representative



My Mission

I am determined to understand my client's needs, wants, and long term goals and inspire them to achieve wealth education and accountability.


My Mom Taught Me the Most Important Things About Money When I Was 10

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About My Practice

Integrity. Passion. Growth.

Not only have these core values served as guideposts for many of my personal and professional achievements, they are also the qualities I strive to exemplify with each prospective client seeking financial guidance with Northwestern Mutual.

As a financial advisor, I believe that taking the time to engage one-on-one with clients is key to wholly understanding their dreams and vision for the future. By establishing an authentic partnership with each individual from the very first meeting, my team and I take our clients through sensitive life stages with the ease, knowledge and confidence that the path they are on today will ultimately lead to those dreams becoming reality down the road.

Working closely with individuals, families, and businesses, my team and I strive to instill every client with a sense of responsibility to achieving their financial goals. As mentors, we are able to share our financial expertise and proven tools for success; our impact only increases when a client chooses to make a firm commitment to their future, and we have dedicated our process to realizing the “bigger picture” - however they choose to define it.

The opportunity to watch my clients progress and become more involved in the financial planning process is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my role as a financial representative. I am proud to carry that legacy beyond Lafayette and extend my practice with the Northwestern Mutual to the greater Houston area.

Want to Learn More?

1. Let's have a conversation. Schedule your free consultation by emailing us here. Rachel from our office will follow up with you within 48 hours. 

2. After we learn about you, your goals, and dreams for the future, we'll present our financial recommendations.

3. Then, we'll guide you through determining which options work best for you. Once decided, we will quickly implement your unique combination of recommendations.

Working with Cindy Gunawan's financial advising team ensures you will receive candid dialogue, attentive in-person engagement, and engagement for determining a comprehensive financial plan suited to your needs and goals. 

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